Side Mirror Film Installation Instructions and Video



*Note: Mirrors are small but they are more complex than hood sections for example, due to the complex curve of the mirror back. We usually save mirrors for the end of an installation.

1. Spray the back side of the mirror with the alcohol/water solution. Start by tacking down the material a few inches on the side closest to your door with your squeegee.

2. Make sure the film is wet underneath. Take your hand and place your palm on the outer edge of the mirror section. Stretch the material across to the other side by pushing or pulling (depending on if you are left or right handed) firmly enough with one hand to pull the excess material from the top and bottom of the mirror tight. As you push/pull you will see the material flatten against the mirror back.

3. Once stretched into place and the material is mostly flat against the mirror back, hold the film in position and squeegee up to your hand. Slowly lift your hand as you squeegee underneath. Squeegee from the center out to the edge to lay down any fingers.

4. Go over the edges with a squeegee wrapped in a paper towel to ensure the material does not lift back up. Most mirrors are very tricky because of the complex curves. A hair dryer can also be helpful in this area to dry and warm any fingers and allow you to squeegee the film into place.

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