Paint Protection Film Kits

Auto paint protection film (PPF), also known as a “clear auto bra”, is the most effective way to defend your vehicle’s paint from damage such as rock chips, sandblasting, scratches, road debris nicks and insect acids. Originally, the protection film was used to protect helicopter rotor blades from the damaging effects of sand in the desert. Clear film was then adopted into the automotive industry years later. Paint Protection Films became available to the mass market over two decades ago and the market is still going strong today.

ClearDefender is different from the competition. We want to offer our customers the same options available to professional installers and dealerships across the country. We offer thousands of pre-cut auto clear bra patterns designed specifically for your car, truck, van or SUV. Paint Protection Film patterns will cover areas such as the hood, fenders, mirrors, front bumper, pillars, roof, door cups and door edges just to name a few. ClearDefender also offers the web’s largest selection of clear protection film choices. Unlike most companies who only offer one or two choices of film, we carry four top name brand paint protection films: 3M Scotchgard, 3M Scotchgard PRO Series, SunTek film and Xpel Ultimate. These film options allow our customers the ability to create car protection kit combinations just like a professional. Installers across the US choose their films based on a number of factors such as the regional climate, installation ease, price and the overall look of the film once it is installed. Now you have the same options as your local dealership or professional installer.

Key points about auto paint protection film kits: 

   Computer pre-cut film patterns make installation easier.
Paint protection film is virtually invisible.
PPF kits can be washed just like the rest of your vehicle.
Clear auto bras will help protect your paint and resale value.
The film can be removed without damage to the OEM factory paint.
Films have a clear-coat finish to match the shine of your vehicle’s paint. 


A note about vinyl clear bra kits: Genuine paint protection films are 8mil (.008”) thick and are urethane based. This is much thicker than vinyl stickers or other vinyl film applications which are normally only 2-4mil thick. Paint protection films are meant to be applied and left on the vehicle as a shield for up to 5 years or more in some cases. They will not damage the OEM factory paint. Some clear vinyl films will permanently adhere to the painted surface after a year and they can allow mold and mildew to grow underneath the film. Vinyl films are much cheaper than genuine paint protection film and sometimes the price entices buyers quickly. Be careful and read the fine print of those product listings. Buyer beware!

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