Hood Film Installation Instructions and Video


1. Wet the hood of the vehicle thoroughly with the soap solution. Then, with the material rolled up, keep fingers wet while pulling a small amount of the hood material away from the liner on one end. With the rest of the kit rolled up in one hand, use your other hand to place the edge of the hood material on the hood itself while aligning the edge and holding in place. Then slowly begin to pull the liner towards the opposite end of the hood, allowing the material to roll out across the hood. If your kit has a relief cut in it, be careful when rolling out the material on the hood. You do not want to tear the material in this area. You may have to use your wet fingers to free the material around relief cuts and lay it down on the hood as you go.

2. Now the material is laid out on the surface. You will need to spray more of the soap solution onto the hood and the film. Lift the material with your wet fingers and spray the hood and the underside of the film. You may find the film is already sticking to the hood. This is normal. Just give it a tug and it will release.  Thoroughly spraying the hood and the underside of the film will allow the kit to slide and move around into position. Also, spray the top of the kit with the slip solution, so the squeegee will slide easily over the surface.

3. When the material moves freely on the hood, you can easily position the kit into place. The kit should be centered and aligned within a 1/16-1/8” gap between the front edge of the hood and the edge of the kit.

4. Once you have the kit in place, make several small vertical strokes with the squeegee in the very center of the hood until you have an area 3-4” wide from top to bottom free of the soapy solution. Make sure you use overlapping strokes to avoid trapping air bubbles and solution.  The film is now anchored to the paint in this area and will not move freely.

5. Now the material is anchored in the center, lift one end of the material back to the point at which the material has adhered. Spray the adhesive side of the material and the hood with the alcohol/water solution. This will promote quick adhesion and help prevent the material from lifting back up.

6. Lay the material back down on the hood taking care to ensure the product is laying straight and flat. Check to see there is still about 1/16-1/8” gap between the front edge of the hood and the kit. Also, make sure you keep the top surface of the kit wet so your squeegee will slide easily over the material.

*Please note when using the alcohol/water solution, the adhesive side of the material will dry very quickly and stick to the surface. It will be necessary to work quickly. If you have to walk away for any reason during the install, be sure to respray the film with the soap and water solution to keep it from adhering before it is in the desired position.

7. Starting from the center of the hood, which is already tacked down, make a horizontal pass with your squeegee towards the edge of the hood. Then, starting back in the center, make short, upward, overlapping strokes from the middle to the top edge moving towards the outer edge of the hood. Make sure you use firm, overlapping strokes to eliminate air and water bubbles from getting trapped under the film. Now, go back to the center of the hood and do the same with downward strokes from the middle horizontal stroke to the bottom edge moving towards the outer end of the hood.

8. If any area around the edges has lifted back up, you should wrap a paper towel around your squeegee and go over the edges again. This will absorb the moisture around the edges that can interfere with adhesion. If these areas continue to lift, allow them time to dry and try again. A hair dryer can also help dry and warm the edge to help with the adhering process. 

9. Repeat steps 5 through 8 for the opposite side of the hood.

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