Headlight Film Installation

Before removing the protective backing paper, wet your fingers thoroughly with the soap solution.  It is important that you not touch the exposed adhesive surface of the kit with dry fingers. Handling the adhesive side of the piece with dry fingers or hands will leave marks that will not go away.  With hands and fingers wet, remove the backing paper and immediately spray the now exposed adhesive side of the piece thoroughly with the solution.  Spray the headlight thoroughly with the solution.  Apply the piece to the lens at the inner most corner and use your squeegee to smooth the piece onto the light.   Then use a squeegee to force the solution out along the edges of the piece by using firm, continuous strokes towards the outer edge.

You may notice a hazy appearance between the lens and the plastic within an hour of installation. This is caused by residual moisture that has become trapped between the kit and the light. This is a normal and it should last no longer than one week. Heat accelerates the dissipation of the moisture.  Driving with lights on at all times is helpful.  The adhesive should cure for at least 48 hours before washing your vehicle.

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