Fender Film Installation Instructions and Video

1. For the smaller fender pieces, you can use the alcohol/water solution alone to apply the part. For larger fenders, stick with the soap solution to start. It is usually best to start by lining up the upper edge of the film section with the edge of the fender nearest the hood, while also ensuring the front edge is about 1/16-1/8" away from the edge as well.

2. Make a very gentle pass with the squeegee along the upper edge of the piece. Don't press too hard on the squeegee when making the first pass or you will drag the material out of place with the squeegee. Then, as the material begins to adhere to the paint, you may use increasingly firmer strokes until all the alcohol/water solution is removed from beneath the upper edge of the material.

3. Once the material is anchored at the top, you should gently pull the bottom edge down with your fingers while making sure that the adhesive is thoroughly wet with the alcohol/water solution. Then, while pulling downward on the material, make a firm pass with the squeegee from the top edge all the way through the bottom.

4. Finish up by going over any remaining "fingers" in the material with the squeegee. For vehicles that have heavily contoured fenders (such as the Chevrolet/GMC pick-ups), you may need to wrap the squeegee with a paper towel to push out water from any stubborn areas.



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