Dealers are welcome to apply! Whether you are a veteran installer or you have only completed a few installations, there is a very important reason to contact us today... we can save you money! Most installers decide not to make the investment of computer equipment, software, plotters, stocking film, etc. for many reasons, but the biggest one is the expense. You don't need to purchase and special equipment or stock film when you have us!

We have everything you need to be profitable in this business:

  • We have thousands of patterns to choose from and new vehicles are added each day.
  • Your customer wants to book an appointment right away? No worries! If you order by 1pm EST we can have your shipment out the same day in most situations. We even offer USPS Express Mail shipping. This allows delivery overnight to most areas in the US. Priority Mail can be less money and offers a 2-3 day delivery. 
  • Your customer wants extra coverage options? No problem! We have additional coverage options such as fog lights, full hoods, full fenders, wrapped edges, luggage area, wheel openings, rockers, and roof kits. Offer all these additional areas and you will be one step ahead of your competition.
  • Become a dealer and receive wholesale pricing. Your film expenses will be lower with our dealer program. A personalized discount code is issued for each dealer based on the amount purchased over time.
  • Receive personalized care from our customer service department. We will customize your orders based on your personal preferences: shipping, film choice, turn around time, wrapped edges, bumper sensor cuts removed, etc. This makes ordering from us simple and easy! You can even keep a credit card on file for faster checkout by email or phone. 

If you are interested in receiving our products at a discounted rate and our expertise in paint protection film businesses, please submit the following information below.  Once we have your completed form, you will receive a welcome e-mail containing ordering instructions and discount information. 

Thank you for your interest in ClearDefender products!

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